And you are…?

Hi.  I’m Kim.  Welcome to my haphazard attempt at a blog.  All the cool kids are doing it, so…

I’m a wife, a stay-at-home mom of a 5 year old and “mom” of two cats and whatever worms and spiders my son decides to make into a pet of the moment.  I was born in Canada, moved to the US for love, discovered I had Dutch citizenship a few years ago (thus, the Dutch cookie thingy).  I’ve done a lot of writing on and off in the past, but usually things such as Life and the occasional kid thing get in the way, and things get pushed aside for the more important things.

As I’ve learned, it’s been hard to create in a constant flow with a kid that’s in a constant need of an attention diet.  But now that he’s getting older, it’s getting a little easier to sit down to the computer to write without having too many interruptions.

Most of the posts you’ll see here from me will probably be about food.  Food is my main hobby in my life. I read about it, cook it, photograph it, think about it and spend too much money on it (in the form of the food itself, the appliances to cook it with and the books to read about it). Don’t get me wrong – I’m no expert.  I’m not a chef or a professional.  I’m just someone who loves food and all its aspects – the tastes, the smells, the preparation, the memories that it can stir and the emotions that it can create.

You’ll also see other posts about other things that are going on, like my cats, various things that are going on in my life and other things that I find both interesting and ridiculous.  You’ll probably also see my hobbies and interests come through in a lot of posts, like my love of photography, my travels, my garden (where I Bee Bother constantly.  Bee Bothering is what I call taking up close pictures of bees.  And no, I’ve never been stung *knock on wood*) and other things that come across my life.

So make yourself at home.  Pull up a chair.  Make a cup of coffee or tea for yourself.  And here’s a cookie.

A speculaasje.


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