My cats are teaching my son to be a cat

(This post originally appeared on my old Open Salon blog on April 9, 2009)

Alex has known all three of our cats – Gonzo, Marijke and Beeker – since he was born.  They’ve always been around in some way, when he’s not yelling, having a tantrum or chasing them around the house. At that point, they’re running for safety.

It’s inevitable that Alex is going to not only learn something from his parents, but from his cats as well.


Here AlexKitty learns that a cat bed is a very comfortable place to sleep.  It’s no surprise that the cats spend so much time here.

Mama don't let your babies grow up to be kitty cats

No wonder the cats hate getting in this thing to go to the vet’s office.  And please don’t call DCFS on me.  He got in this all by himself.  Honest.

AlexKitty sharpens his claws

Here, AlexKitty learns how to sharpen his claws.

Marijke teaches her patented bowl cleaning technique.  AlexKitty will learn that no bowl of ice cream should go unlicked.


Professor Beeker teaches Alex that dry cat food is really only tasty for real cats and toddler cats should just stick with the Goldfish crackers.


Never mind those expensive kids toys with lights and buzzers and their educational motives.  Cat toys are so much better for kitties in training!

Entertaining the cats and the kid

Bored?  Watch a spot of light on the wall.  Better than television.

Wait, please

A valuable lesson here – to overwhelm mommy and get her to give you anything, gang up on her.  The more kitties, the more chances of success.


Baths?  No way!  Not for cats!  Just get another cat to clean you up!

Kitty pillow

Need a place to lay down and take a nap?  Find another cat to lay near/on.  Cuddling up together is always a nice way to spend a 5 hour catnap.

The best lesson AlexKitty gets from the kitties, however?

My kitty
That his kitties are his best friends and that they love him very much.


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