Eye Candy – Cherry lattice pie

It came from the bottom of the freezer

Okay, okay.  I’ve uploaded a ton of old stuff.  So it’s only fair I upload something new.

(Well, new to BlogWorld.  I made this pie last year.  But still.)

One morning, while digging around the bottom of our big freezer, I found a 6 pound container of frozen pitted sour cherries.  I had totally forgotten about them.  We bought them at the Boulder Farmers Market during the hieght of Colorado cherry season.  And, as often happens, other things get put in the freezer on top of it.  Bread. Chicken.  Large Costco-sized bags of corn.  Until surprisingly, it’s uncovered and suddenly, your mouth starts to water and you start craving pie.

So I pulled out the Tenderflake (that’s Canadian lard, which I had gotten a few pounds of during my last trip up north).  Sure, I like to make pie with butter and shortening, but there’s still nothing better than lard.  Screw you, food police.  Lard does make a flakier and tastier crust.

It was really good.  Bad cherry pie is…well…horrible.  But a good cherry pie will have you dreaming of running through the cool, green grass in your bare feet on a hot Summer day.  And trust me, during the Winter, that’s a nice dream.



2 thoughts on “Eye Candy – Cherry lattice pie

  1. OMG, that is a lovely looking pie. I hope you didn’t wait until this year to take this picture…

    Lard. Wow. Geez. They still allow that stuff? Want! Everything just works better with it. Butter is great if you work in a freezer.

  2. Oh no, didn’t wait. I baked the pie and ate it, while it was still warm with some vanilla ice cream. I had to be careful that I didn’t gobble it up while it was too hot. That baked cherry pie filling can be like hot lava.

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