Beeker versus snow 2: the wrath of khan

(This post originally appeared on my old Open Salon blog on April 18, 2009)

So we got over a foot of wet, nasty, heavy, disgusting snow yesterday.  Most of the Denver area is in recovery mode right now, as are we, as we all try to dig out, find our newspapers from Friday somewhere in the snow and try to get the driveway dug out so we can go to the store for essentials and necessities of life.  Like pizza.

It took a good while to get the snow cleared from the front of the house, but since we like to grill, we wanted to clear off the deck.  Sure enough, who wants to come out with us?  Yep.  Beeker.  This time he brought Gonzo along.

You go out.  No, you go out.  No, YOU go out.  You first.
“You go out” “No, you go out.”  “No, YOU go!”  “You first!”

Come on, kid.  Work faster.
Come on kid.  Work faster.  Get that snow out of my way.

Dammit.  Can't wait much longer.  I'm gonna have to go out.
What happened to that fluffy snow from last time?  Why is it so wet?!

Get outta my way!  Move!
UGH!  What is this?!  Get outta my way!  Move!

*rub*  It's much better inside.
It’s much nicer inside.  Mmmmmmm…..central heating….

MOOOOOOOOOM!  Has it stopped snowing yet?
MOOOOoooooOOOOOMMM!  Is it dry out there yet?!

Pffffft!  Go outside, you pussy.  Oh.  Wait.
Gonzo – “Pfffft!  Go outside, you pussy.”

Oh fine.  I'm heading out.  Cover me.
*sigh*  Fine.  I’m heading out.  Cover me.

Stick close to the wall.
Stay close, man.  Stay close.

At this point, Matt was shoveling the snow off the deck and Beeker got in the way.  Unfortunately, Matt dropped a bit of snow on Beeker’s back and……


He was a blur.  A panicked blur.

He was just a panicked blur as he ran in the house.  The camera couldn’t keep up as his legs took him as fast as they could.

After that, there was no way to convince him to come back outside.  Especially after he found the heating vent.

Please mom.  Don't make me go back out there.
Please mom.  Don’t make me go back out there.

Gonzo, however, had no problem.

Gonzo -
Gonzo – “You’re such a baby.”

I’m not sure I’m going to have much luck getting Beeker outside in the snow again.  Hopefully this storm will be the last of this season.  There’ll be Spring, Summer and Fall for him to forget all about the unpleasantness of Winter.

Licking off the snow/water

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